she is cheerful

she is carefree

always seems untroubled

she is for sure lighthearted

am self-possessed around her

she knows about my insomnia

she know the causes of my insomnia

she makes me open up

have told her some of my secretes

maybe she knows how to push me harder

she sees inside me and gives me attention more than  my mother

like a true friend she does not conceal her thoughts about my actions

she is not perfect

her life is not flawless

she too like me has a dark side

she does not talk of it

and she has reasons not to for now

she is way out of my league

hanging with her is a privilege

her mastery over situations keeps me out of trouble

that’s what i need now

her effect on me is noteworthy

wish i could stop time

stop time with her around me

her illumination is too much

too much to be contained by a no body

i believe she was forged to cause happiness

happiness is what the world needs

am living in the moment

before it passes