she left me  for me

you left me for me

the other evening at my wonted dinner

as i move to my corner with my few stout bottles

i noticed i had been overrun, my table was engaged

a gentle man in a black jacket, just liked i had on

unhinged for some reason i went on to join him

i don’t he said, then i sat down resting my drinks all over

the carhop’s voice are  you twins she asked

am thinking it is dark in here even

taking our orders i spot you on the large screen in his hands

pointing out at the photo with a mouthful of beer

do you know her he asks, yes mutter

he hands me the phone, the gallery if full of you

since i follow you on Instagram, i return it quick

we talk about many things with an unequivocal level of serenity

i start to discern am talking to my self

birds of the same feathers thing

dressing is minor

but our talk and the length, for strangers

you left me for me